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Mac Worms -
out now!
The wait is over... Worms 3D for the Mac is now shipping, so now there's no excuse not to take part in some 3D worming action!
Feral Interactive have done a fantastic job porting the game over to the Mac. We have to say it looks great; the response from gamers so far has been very encouraging.
To find out more or to buy the game, visit Feral's W3D microsite linked below. It's got loads of great content including a demo, so you can try before you buy!
links [ Feral's W3D microsite ]
[ buy W3D on Mac ]

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webkit After six months the webkit competition has come to an end. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition, hopefully the sites that entered will continue to be updated and stay live :-)
Final judging took place last week - choosing an overall winner proved to be tricky as all the sites in the final round were of such good quality.
'I Got Worms' was the overall winner of the competition. It's a great site and if you haven't already done so we suggest you go check it out! (link below)
Click the link below for the low-down on the results and a list of the Top 5 sites.
links [ webkit results ]
[ I Got Worms ]

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Worms on Mac Good news for all you Mac lovers out there...
Worms 3D is now available to pre order on the Mac, visit the Feral Interactive website to reserve your copy!
The website also has some great new downloads available, including movies, screenshots, and audio - all taken from the Mac version of Worms 3D.
link [ pre-order W3D on Mac ]

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North America / South America / Far East The most popular question this week must have been "When is Worms 3D released in North America, South America and the Far East?"
After some chopping and changing we can now confirm that the 11th March is the date to put in your dairies. This date only applies to formats PC, PS2 and GameCube.
Until a version is actually approved for manufacture, it's difficult to set a release date. This is the main reason the release date has changed so often.
XBox will follow at a later date with Live support, this date is yet to be confirmed.
Webkit The webkit competition is nearing an end. Hopefully those of you who made it to the final 10 should by now have a pretty decent website up and running.
Round 2 contestants were asked to incorporate their own competition into their website. This would become part of the judging criteria.
To give them a little more time to get their competition up and running, Round 2 judging has been delayed slightly.
An email detailing when judging will take place will be sent out to the final 10 next week - so be sure to check your mailbox!
Click the link below to check out the Webkit competitions.
link [ webkit competitions ]

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Mac Worms video Feral Interactive, those nice hard working Mac type people in charge of bringing W3D for Mac to life, have been busy updating their website again! After recovering from all your hits last week after its unveiling, some new features have burst onto the microsite for your pleasure!
Use the link below to click through for some audio clips and a QT movie taken from the beta of the Mac version of the game!
links [ Feral's homepage with W3D trailer ]
[ Feral's W3D microsite ]
APJ's last day :-( 'Tis my final day here at Team17, after being Webmaster for over 4 years. Time has flown! Hopefully you all have enjoyed my efforts and liked visiting and using the webites I have created.
I'm leaving Team17 with lots of happy memories and as reining Karting Champion! Hopefully my vast selection of Kylie posters that I have no room for at home (despite her small but perfectly formed stature) will be well looked after!
Shame that you couldn't all share in the farewell elevenses I left in reception this morning - in the form of Jam doughnuts, Chocolate and Blueberry muffins. They were delicious :-)
I have enjoyed my time here immensely and hope that my contributions to the community were appreciated. Sel will look after you in his remaining few months here. He's done a fantasic job working for us, and all his effort, hard work and enthusiasm has been appreciated. Nice work, man.
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Feral go Worms Interactive! Feral Interactive, the people responsible for the forthcoming W3D for Mac have just informed us of their fantastic new microsite!
The site kicks off today with the first screenshots from the Mac version, a trailer, profile, features and links pages. According to their news snippet, The Mac version is coming on a treat and the office is buoyant with the sound of 'Oi Nutter!' and more!
Follow the links below for the flash trailer and microsite
links [ Feral's homepage with W3D trailer ]
[ Feral's W3D microsite ]

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US sales news Wal-Mart - the US retail giant has confirmed that it will be stocking (at least) 2 of the 4 Worms 3D skus, come US release!
The PC and PS2 versions will be hitting their shelves sometime end-of-Feb (current ETA). With the Gamecube taking a lesser market share, it may not appear on their shelves. Too early to say for the Xbox version, which will appear later (ETA April) with its livefunctionality. Wal-Mart accounts for a massive chunk of USA retails sales, so this is good news for fans as availability will be no problem!
The US versions will ship with different title/front-end audio (due to licensing differences) and we've also taken the opportunity to fix a relatively small number of issues that had cropped up since the European release that had gone unreported in any of the manufacturer approval tests. This is normal for any delayed release.
The price is also great news too, being a very competitive $29.99!
patch info Service Patch 2 is currently in approval at Gamespy pending release!
The US PC version of W3D is likely to ship with the 2nd service patch built in (i.e. very latest code) and so the patch will be available for download for everyone else around the same time (ETA end of Feb).

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W3D goes Xbox Live Following on from much speculation regarding the release of Xbox W3D in America, we can confirm that the US versions of W3D will be Xbox Live enabled!
Xbox Live brings gamers to your virtual sofa from all over the world giving you the opportunity to challenge other players in the next town, country or continent to see just how hard your Worm troop really is!
The delay of this title in the North America / South America and Far East territories is due to a different distributor and separate approval processes to UK / Australia. The release date for PC CDRom, Playstation2 an Gamecube versions is scheduled for February 2004. The Xbox Live format will follow shortly after.
link [ more about Xbox Live ]

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US release Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Signs Publishing Agreement With Team17 For 'Worms 3D' And Forthcoming Title In North America.
Popular Video Game Brand Comes Home in 3D for First Time on Next-Generation Gaming Systems and PC
By now you have probably read the press release - and seen that February 2004 is the date that you overseas people should have in your diaries! W3D will hit your (r)etailers warehouse shelves (fingers crossed) during that month.
It's been a wait, but it'll be worth it. The delay of this title in the North America / South America and Far East territories are due to it having a different distributor and separate approval processes. The release date was set recently by Acclaim, not Team17 or Sega Europe. Sega of America is actually a separate company to Sega Europe too FYI!
link [ full Acclaim press release ]
The eagle-eyed info-hungry amongst you may have noticed this line from the press release...
"We're pleased to be working with Team 17 on this title, as well as its soon-to-be-announced title which will launch in the fall of 2004."
Obviously, we can't say anymore, but expect a press release sometime. You never know, the Christmas concept art might well then make some sense to you ;-)
patch Testing is on-going with Service patch 2. Our QA department is currently putting the code through its paces via Firewalls!
Thanks to everyone for your patience, help and suggestions. A release date has not been fixed yet, sorry.
christmas competitions Thanks to everyone who took part!
All the prizes have been sent out, but please allow 'till the end of the month before getting me to look into your deliveries. Some parcels may well take some time (due to xmas etc.) or may well be held up in customs!

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webkit The download links for the second round of the webkit competition are just being checked. All being well we will make these available early next week.
The initial idea was to give the new webkit solely to the final 10 contestants. However, we have decided to let everyone get their hands on it, should they want it.
The top 10 webmasters will receive an email telling them all the details they need for Round 2. (cut off date, rules, what the judges are looking for, etc.)
From what we have seen from the sites already the final is going to be very close - we are looking forward to judging a winner!
patch Testing has just started on Service patch 2! It's currently being put through its paces in our own QA department. We then will work with Gamespy to sort some final issues.
We can't release too much information about it just as yet. What we can say is that the very earliest it will be released is early 2004 (without promising anything!)
Thanks to everyone for your patience, help and suggestions.
christmas competition Over the past three weeks we have given away loads of prizes, all of which hopefully *fingers crossed* will arrive on the winners doorsteps soon.
So today is your last chance to win some Christmas goodies! You have up until Monday morning (22nd) to submit an answer.
Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to those of you who won prizes. The web department looks a little bare now without all the prizes kicking about!
Click on the link below for your final chance to win. Good luck and happy guessing!
link [ christmas competition ]
flash navigation All those Flash 6 and cookie enabled browsers will have been treated to the new Flash intro anim on the splash page of this site! Click the flash anim to move into the site and be treated to flash animated naviagation, or simply click the HTML button to chose the old style.
If you don't have the Flash plug-in you can download it by clicking the link below.
IE users may encounter an odd bug where if you go into a flash version of the site, back to html, then onto flash again - the html version of the page will be cached. If you do encouter this, simply so a ctrl+shift refresh and all will be fine. This looks like an IE bug, sorry.
link [ download flash plug-in ]

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webkit Round One judging is now complete! Thanks to everyone who entered, it was very difficult deciding who to put through to the next round.
The list of the 10 webmasters who have gone through to Round Two can be found in the webkit section of the site, congratulations to you all.
Information about Round Two and the new webkit will be available soon.
link [ webkit round one winners ]
patch Development is under-way on Service patch 2. Without promising the earth, here's what we aim to do ::
  • Players will connect on joining a game.
  • More tolerant to hosts behind correctly configured NATs/Firewalls.
  • Better handling of game aborts due to synchronisation failures.
  • Support for hosting and joining from GameSpy Arcade.
This is work in progress and is not ready for immediate release. These points may be spread over multiple patches, it is yet to be decided.
We don't have unlimited resources here, given that testing, development and release of four SKUs was concurrent. Thanks to all of you who have been helping each other on the forum and also on wormNET 3D.
christmas competition Monday marks the start of the final week of competitions, the prizes will be even better than what's been given away already.
Considering the prizes are getting bigger and better...the questions will get a little harder!
Get involved in the Christmas competitions by clicking the link below.
link [ christmas competition ]
internal tournament The final of the Worms 3D internal tournament finally took place between Kevin Carthew and Dave Smith. The final was described by Dave as "The longest, dullest and most painful game of Worms." Shame we missed it!
A winner was decided though - Kevin Carthew took the trophy along with the respect of the rest of the Team17 staff with a 2 - 1 victory. Well done to you!

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christmas advent
The Christmas advent calendar is now up and running, a door will open each day up until Christmas!
Last years advent calendar revealed the very first screen shot of W3D. This year it will work a little differently - each day will reveal a separate image or parts of a slighter larger one, rather than one big one. Just click each door to open and reveal that days image!
Want to know what's been revealed so far?! Then check out the advent calendar, which can be found at the Team17 home page!
link [ Team17.com ]
christmas competition Loads of great prizes have been given away this week, so congratulations to those of you who have won!
If you haven't managed to win anything yet don't worry, as there is still another 10 days of competitions leading up to Christmas.
We will try to get prizes to the winners before Christmas, but due to competition dates we can't guarantee this. To get in on the action click on the link below.
link [ christmas competition ]
webkit Judging has past the first stage and the second stage is still on-going. We apologise for the wait, it is taking much longer than we expected as there are so many great sites to judge!
We will let you know the results as soon as we have them, so please be patient.
navigation You should have by now noticed the new navigation at the top of your screen - nice isn't it!
The old navigation represented the game being in development, so since the game has been released we thought we'd give it a bit of an upgrade!
A new background for the site was also developed, but the file size was a little larger than we expected. We may however put it up in the future.
A Flash version of the navigation is currently being made too, so look out for that soon.
NOTE: You may need to clear your cache to view the new navigation. To do this hold down shift > control and click refresh.

[ home | news | 28th November 03 ]
christmas competition If any of you were around this time last year you will remember the Christmas competition and advent calendar - loads of great prizes and loads of fun!
This year we plan on doing the same, we have managed to get some brilliant prizes together for you to win.
For anyone who wasn't around last year, here is how the competition works: A question is set each day on the Team17 forum up until the 19th of December. Whoever guesses the correct answer or is the closest wins, one guess per person is allowed. The answer will be revealed at the end of each day.
The competition will start on Monday morning, so look out for the first question on the forum.
In addition we will also be having another Team17 advent calendar - each day up until Christmas a square will be removed. Make sure you keep visiting to see what will be revealed!
webkit We are currently judging all entries of the webkit competition. As it is proving difficult to single out the top 10 websites, we may decide that the top 15 will go through to Round Two.
Each website is being judged on the following - navigation (quality/functionality), use of webkit (quality/quantity), design (aesthetic and programming), content and originality. For each category there is a maximum of 20 marks up for grabs.
The judging should be complete by next week, so as soon as we know who has made it to Round Two we will let everyone know!

[ home | news | 21st November 03 ]
patch A service patch is now available for you to download, it is essential to upgrade your copy of Worms 3D for successful on-line play.
The patch includes Game feature additions, Game fix amendments, Network feature additions and Network fix amendments.
Click the links below to discuss or download the service patch.
links [ download the patch ]
[ discuss the patch ]
Feral Good news for all you Mac lovers out there - Feral will be publishing Worms 3D for the Macintosh.
Feral published Worms Blast for the Macintosh, so the game is in good familiar hands! A release date is yet to be confirmed, but progress is currently being made.
Click the link below to find out more about Feral and Worms 3D on the Mac.
link [ Feral.co.uk ]
webkit The deadline for Round One entries has passed, so if you're reading this and still haven't submitted your website then you're too late!
Thanks to everyone who entered, we have had some great entries and are looking forward to judging who should make it through to Round Two.
All the entries will appear in the links section of the microsite, so you can take a look at who you think should win!
Judging will take place next week; the top 10 webmasters will be notified by email.

[ home | news | 14th November 03 ]
patch The service patch has yet to be finished and we are still waiting on a confirmed, approved build. This means it will not be available for download until next week.
A lot of time and care is being taken over the patch, as we do not want a repeat of what happened with the demo. We apologise for the wait, you will get it soon.
For those of you who don't know... the service patch will solve the vast majority of problems encountered with online play and will improve the interface/usability substantially. The patch is *required* for you to play online.
BAFTA The very first BAFTA Games Awards are here! Recognising and honouring outstanding creative talent across the industry. We were chuffed to find out that Worms 3D has been nominated in the strategy section!
This year the BAFTA awards are to be split into two separate ceremonies. The BAFTA Interactive Awards will focus on a broad spectrum of the new media industry. Whereas the BAFTA Games Awards ceremony will focus purely on the games industry.
Hopefully we will be picking up an award - fingers crossed!
link [ BAFTA.org ]
charts Worms 3D has managed to climb up a place to No.15 on the all formats chart this week, despite some heavyweight new entries and a very competitive top 20.
In addition, it is in the top 10 of the Xbox/GameCube charts and the top 20 of the PS2/PC charts.
It is important to note that online sales do not count for chart-track and W3D is in the top 10 of most online games services.
link [ chart-track.co.uk ]
Internal tournament
Mark Baldwin v Paul Robinson
Mark Baldwin calmly beat Paul Robinson to go through to the semis.
Paul Kilburn v Kelvin Aston
Kilburn eased past the hapless Aston to gain the last semi final place.

semi final
Kevin Carthew v Mark Baldwin
Kev Carthew managed to eliminate Mark Baldwin, one producer down one to go...
Dave Smith v Paul Kilburn
Dave Smith brushed off Paul Kilburn 2 - 0, easy!

final So we are now down to the final match...
Kevin Carthew v Dave Smith

Hopefully we will have a winner next week - Good luck to you both!

[ home | news | 24th October 03 ]
webkit The webkit has been signed and sealed - which means the microsite is now finally up and running!
The microsite lets you download the new webkit and enter the latest and exciting W3D competition.
All the information you need to know about the competition can be found by following the link below.
link [ launch webkit microsite ]
internal tournament
round 2
Matt Bishop v Charles Blessing
Charles Blessing made it into the next round by the skin of his teeth.
Rico Holmes v Dave Smith
Dave Smith beat Rico Holmes 2 -1.
Paul Kilburn v John Dennis
Kilburn swept aside John Dennis.

internal tournament
quarter final
Things are getting heated in the internal tourney, only the best of the best still remain!
The remaining eight have battled their way through the first two rounds and are now at the quarter final stage.
The quarter final results/draw are as follows -
Kevin Carthew v John Eggett
Kev "Chesh" Carthew violated John Eggett's esteem in a 2-1 defeat.
Charles Blessing v Dave Smith
Dave Smith beat Charles Blessing 2 -1. Only just though, Dave won the final game with 1 Worm left on 3 health!
Mark Baldwin v Paul Robinson
Paul Kilburn v Kelvin Aston

Ties will be played on 'Standard' with 30 second round time - Good luck to all!

[ home | news | 17th October 03 ]
internal tournament
round 1
The draw for the 1st round took place last week, and the matches took place over the last few days. Matches were played on 1 of 3 landscapes, using standard settings (45sec turn-time), best of 3 won!
Map 1
Paul Robinson v Jamie Irvine
Paul Robinson recreated the longest day triumphing over Jamie Irvine 2-0.
Jon Oldham v Matt Bishop
Oldham wasn't man enough to beat the Bishop ;-)
Paul Sigerson v Martin Swaine
Martin Swaine effectively had a bye as Paul Sigerson ran screaming. To win with honour and bloody his hands Swaine decided to take his battle instead to CPU (Level 5), fought a tough match but finally defeated it 2-1.
Mike Green v Mark Dimond
Mark Dimond defeated Mike Green.
Kelvin Aston v Andy Robinson
Kel punished Andy Robinson.
Patrick Romano v Kevin Carthew
Kev Carthew whalloped Patrick Romano.
Taran Matharu v Michael Platings
Michael Platings comfortably disposed of Taran Matharu.
John Dennis v Andy Morriss
John Dennis wiped his arse with Andrew Morriss, securing a tidy 2-0 first round victory. There were several schoolboy errors and a few moments of class. Both players showed a strong command of the homing missile, baseball bat and firepunch. In the end the tallest man won.
Map 2
Paul Dunstan v Charles Blessing
Charles Blessing beat Paul Dunstan.
Dave Smith v Grant Towell
Dave Smith pulled off a 1st round surprise, knocking Grant Towell out.
Richard Gatehouse v Paul James
Gatehouse goes through with a comfortable 2-0 victory against the inexperienced APJ.
Map 3
Rico Holmes v Paul Tapper
The Holmes/Tapper was the first one completed and Mr H was the first into round 2 following his win.
Paul Kilburn v Ian Lindsey
Kilburn is still in, with a 2-0 victory against Ian Lindsey.
John Eggett v Tapz AI Army Lev. 3
John Eggett easily disposed of Tapper's AI Army (Level 3).
Martyn Brown v Mark Baldwin
A number of elementary cock-ups proved costly as Baldwin defeated Brown 2-0 in a tense, closely fought affair.
Paul Scargil v Steve Eckles
Seckles beat Scargill 2-1 in a closly fought match, even after some very question 'Clitheroe attack mode' moments.
internal tournament
round 2
Map 1
Kev Carthew v Richard Gatehouse
Carthew (Team Design) powers past Gatehouse and into the next round!
Kel Aston v Steve Eckles
2-0 to Kelvin.
John Eggett v Martin Swaine
Jegg vs Swaine 2-1.
Map 2
Michael Platings v Paul Robinson
Robinson emerges victorious after three tense and evenly matched games with Platings and is through to the next round.
Matt Bishop v Charles Blessing
Rico Holmes v Dave Smith
Paul Kilburn v John Dennis
Mark Baldwin v Mark Dimond
Well it was merely a matter of time before 'design hottie' Mark Dimond fell foul to a confident Mark Baldwin.

We'll update you fully next week with the results of the games to be played!
APJ in
time-off shocker!
After suffering in silence after not having a summer holiday this year (after moving house forced DIY before the Sun, Sea, Sand and the other), APJ has been offered the fantastic opportunity to represent Team17 in France at the Wormsmasters website competition.
He'll be joining around 130 media-types for the gathering in Paris for the awards ceremony on Thursday 23rd, and the after show party!
He's promised to take his camera and get some pics up upon his return!

[ home | news | 10th October 03 ]
game Cue the Spandau Ballet...
...cos we're GOLD! Gold! etc.. That's right, All 4 formats of Worms 3D (Cube, Box, PS2 and PC) :-) All 4 (internally produced) versions are now in production for the European release date of 31st October.
This release date is for Europe only; there is still no word when the game will be released in North/South America and Far East. This is due to it having a different distributor and separate approval processes.
Stunned anti-climax is the atmosphere in the W3D studio. Half the studio is in limbo, half doesn't believe it's real, but that's 'end of projects' for you. I guess a weekend of beer and relaxation is on the cards before they get on with new stuff next week (see below).
Its now down to SEGA to sell some copies ;)
demo Now that the game is finished, we'll be working on getting a new demo (with a new level) created and released in the next couple of weeks.
The new demo should run on pretty much all machines, and hopefully it will have both a multiplayer and single player deathmatch - but there won't be time for an online demo or much more content than we've released before, sorry. :-(
webkit The downloadable webkit(s) are nearing completion now. Sega are finalising and optimising the content and we are working on the website side of things.
Not long to wait now until we reveal all and you can get on building your own Worms 3D websites!
internal tournament To celebrate the release of Worms 3D all the staff here at Team17 are going head to head! Monday marks the start of a Worms 3D tournament; the first round draw has just taken place with an impressive turnout of 32 willing players!
The tournament is on PS2 - Each match will be played on 1 of 3 landscapes, using standard settings, best of 3 wins!
A lot of pride is up for grabs, with everyone wanting to take first prize. We will keep you updated on the tournament as it unfolds...

[ home | news | 3rd October 03 ]
PC Gamer Guess what we've got?? (look right!)
Not to spoil anything but we know the results of the PCGamer and Play.com reviews and not to ruin the enjoyment of reading the article, lets just quote ::
"There's never been a better time to have Worms."
"The most manic cartoon fun you can have on your PC."
"A breath of fresh air."
[ discuss this review here ]
press & promotion In short, you should start to see widespread press coverage happen over the next few months! If the response to Spadge's trip is anything to go by, keep an eye out for previews and reviews from hundereds of different sources.
We'll try and keep track of all the bits said in the forthcoming PRESS | REVIEWS section on the site.
US info Due to the structure of Sega Europe, US/Canada and Australia will have different distributors for W3D (and other Sega Europe titles). This is because Sega of America is actually a separate company to Sega Europe.
We don't believe there will be a simultaneous US/Canada/Europe release, but we haven't got any actual dates yet. Stuff like that is for the US distributor to decide, not Team17 or Sega Europe. We do believe there will be a simultaneous Europe/Australia release though. Patience is a virtue US/Canada people. Guess people in Europe are used to delays in the opposite direction too...
webkit We are still busy working on some exciting new Webkit/Website related stuff. All will be revealed fingers crossed early next week.
In the meantime, check out the hi-quality French Wormsmasters site linked below. This is the official French Webkit campaign and entry is available only to French language sites. This is an excellent site with loads of links to yet un-seen sites too!
link [ Wormmasters.com ]

[ home | news | 26th September 03 ]
rush hour Since both the unofficial and official demos were released, website hits have gone through the roof - with traffic increasing ten fold! Just this month the Worms 3D website has been hit over 1 million times. Be sure to watch the hitcounter over this next week as we bulldoze through the 10 million mark!
The increased traffic has put strain on the main webserver, though. This has meant we have had to apply load limiting options to the forum, limiting the amount of users and hopefully keeping the forum more stable. We are currently looking into upgrading the server in time for the release of the game, as traffic from now on will only get busier.
demo The demo has been available for download a week now and is proving to be very popular. Gamershell alone have had over 58,000 downloads, PC Gameworld 25,000, Jolt over 23,500 and that's just the English version!
On a scale of popularity for the first 3 days, Worms 3D goes in the Gamershell TOP 5 downloads - joining Call of Duty, Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Colin McRae Rally 3 and Jedi Academy.
Problems with the demo are currently being looked into, there are issues with pre-athlonXP processors and we hope to release a fix as soon as possible. The source of the leak has been found and fortunately it wasn't anything malicious. A technical FAQ and a mini demo FAQ can be found by following the links below.
links [ download the demo ]
[ technical FAQ ]
[ mini demo FAQ ]
game The game has gone 'gold' on XBox and Gamecube and is under hardware vendor submission processes at the moment. We expect the PS2 version to be submitted early next week, all of which means we should hit our street dates, fingers crossed.
As for PC, work continues on the PC side and we hope to go gold on that in 7-10 days. Once we've gone gold on that, the Team might take the opportunity to celebrate...
Official street dates for all platforms will appear soon.

[ home | news | 18th September 03 ]
leaked demo Both an English and German demo have been leaked on the net, please be aware that these are NOT official releases and are based on somewhat older game code. Therefore certain things are not included/working correctly, such as mouselook and blimp mode.
Too late to stop it now, so since it's around, here's some advice…
To run the demo, unzip the contents to a folder and then run the RUN.CMD file, if you have an O/S earlier than 2000 then you will need to change this to .BAT, do not run the WORMS3D.EXE in the BIN folder since this is not how the game runs and it will crash.
As it's an unofficial release there appears to be an issue with the demo on some machines (results in a "cannot read memory" error) and we're now looking into this, it is likely to be a driver/installation problem. A vital missing file can be downloaded by following the link at the bottom.
There are plenty of threads on the forum about fixing any errors that may occur; hopefully you will be able to run the demo as smoothly as possible.
For those who are able to run the demo without any problem, we hope you enjoy a very small taste of what's to come.
An updated English demo (with first person mouselook for instance) will be released shortly.
forum links [ unofficial demo support ]
[ missing file ]

[ home | news | 17th September 03 ]
competition Gameplay are giving away a one off render of Worms 3D signed by everyone here at Team 17.
How can you get your hands on this unique piece of gaming memorabilia? Simple, all you have to do is hand draw your own Worms character and mail/email it to Gameplay.
The winning entry will also be featured in the next Gameplay magazine. Runners up will receive a selection of superb Sega goodies.
Hurry up and get your entries in as the competition closes on the 31st October.
Click on the link below for more information about the competition, including age ranges and entry address.
link [ Gameplay competition ]

[ home | news | 12th September 03 ]
out and about We've packaged our Team17 Press 'stooge' Spadge into a bubble-wrapped crate and freighted him over to Europe for a couple of weeks!
Lucky so-and-so you might think, but he's off doing some PR for Sega for W3D until 25th September and won't have time for alcohol at all (honest). He'll be seeing journalists from Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and the Scandinavian countries in a number of trips.
As a result, he won't be showing himself in the forum as much, but will try and answer a few questions of he gets an opportunity to login whilst between flights (15 in 11 days!) His presence has been requested to demonstrate and present the game to Sega's international territory sales and marketing teams, plus do interviews with game journalists and also a few TV bits and pieces. It's something he's done a lot of over the years (just ask his wife).
Sega could of course do it themselves, but there's always a different passion and interest when there's a developer present - you tend to get a lot more interest from journalists too who prefer to speak to people who make the game rather than people employed to sell it (and that's not being critical of anyone at Sega, it's just the way it is).
And his plans for the evenings? "I have a dinner with the international sales people and usually tell them lots of funny (or so I think) developer stories, the brave ones then stay on late for a drink or two. The really brave ones (if they're still standing) hang around and help me find a kebab shop."
He's also mentioned a photo-diary of the trips, so look out for that...
demo It's looking likely that the PC demo will make its highly anticipated appearance in the first week of October!
A few demos are doing the rounds at various shows at the moment (Nvidia and PlayStation Experience) each with various different features. Expect the official demo to be a 2 player deathmatch, with a limited weapon set. The tutorial/frontend will probably not appear for size reasons, but the newly added 1st person mouse-look should.
50-odd MBs of game demo available for download from this site and many others very soon. We'll keep you posted.
boxshots After a few different designs, we can finally reveal the official Worms 3D boxshot!
As mentioned previously, over 30 concepts were done (we'll reveal some of these at a later date). Gollow the link below for the 4 main format boxshots to appear on European/Australian shelves in October.
[ official boxshots ]
p.s. Just a quickie to say that you can also pre-order W3D from the official Team17 shop! Just follow the link below and click on the Worms 3D banner - then add W3D to your basket!
[ official Team17 Shop ]
forum link [ discuss this update here ]

[ home | news | 5th September 03 ]
frontend Check out the screenshots section where we have uploaded some frontend screengrabs!
Worms 3D's frontend is by far and away the most slick menu interface ever built and produced at T17! The static screenshots can't replicate the way the thing bounces, moves, lives and builds itself! The background music is supplied by a as-yet-can't-be-named successful commercial chart artist - but fear not, the Wormsong still makes an audible appearance!
If you haven't already seen the front end screens, then follow the link below.
[ Frontend screenshots ]
[ discuss the screenshots ]
audio We have been working hard on the W3D audio (including getting the frontend soundtrack sorted). In conjunction with this hard work, DOLBY have certified Worms 3D to carry the Dolby Digital Surround logo for 5.1 audio on console ;-)
PS2 and GC have passed and we expect no problems for XBox to get it too. We're not 100% sure at the moment if we are supporting Dolby 5.1 on PC, we'll have to wait and see.
Dolby, by the way, loved the game too ;)
shackyCam Post-ECTS video's are popping up all over the place now. The best ones are available at the moment at IGN. They are hosting each one of the 5 2/3MB movies that made up the 20MB large movie that was released a few weeks ago. Nice of IGN to ensure that modem users needn't miss out on the fun too ;)
Gamer's Hell have posted a sha(c)kycam (nice spelling GH) video of the Xbox version of Worms 3D. TBH, they've done a right 'ol naff job at it (Worms 4??!!). Its showing a pretty old Xbox build, poor camera work, poor video quality and embarrassingly poor gameplay too! Not a very good video really, don't waste you bandwidth.
The game was on show at E3, ECTS and the GC in Germany as part of the aforementioned NVIDIA campaign. It will also be at other road shows as part of increased promotion over the next 2 months prior to release.
Spadge was also at E3, ECTS and GC doing press relations for the game making presentations to the press, doing interviews and also some TV stuff - which is why the dev diaries have dried up a bit (sorry!)
Be on the look out for Gamespot's ECTS interview with Spadge! We'll post a link in the press section soon-as.
boxart Much has been mentioned about the boxart for Worms 3D.
All in all we did 30 box concepts. Check out 2 examples (right). 1 of which took a few mins, another probably took a while longer ;) We think we know which is more likely to be the official box. The official final version is yet to be revealed...
[ shop.gameplay.co.uk boxart ]

[ home | news | 29th August 03 ]
Game Update Work on the gameplay continues, and we're really closing down on the game balance stuff now, and we're almost there. The similarities to the game in 2D is uncanny, but the progression from 2D Worms is pretty remarkable. The feel of the game is different, yet at the same time, comfortably familiar.
New strategies, play styles, game modes and suchlike will emerge and you'll also be able to play/recreate many of the old type of games. But it's important to understand that you won't be able to do things exactly like you could in 2d because it's all new and different. We've done certain things (like alter the energy transferred in blasts) to ensure the game plays well - but a lot of it will not be obvious at first.
Obviously, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Some will love it, some will think it's ok and we assume a few will find it not to their taste. Some people just don't like change and the hard-core fans are the hardest to satisfy - however, we can assure you that this *is* Worms in 3D :-)
Lots to do still... localise products (and demos), console demos, on-line testing and other stuff...
Weapon Update Much talk on the forum is about weapons. What's in/out/new etc. Obviously, we can't reveal everything, but here's a brief list on current weapon technology/thinking.
If anything's been removed, replaced or re-engineered then we've done it for good reason. Some of the weapons did not have the same function in 3D or did not translate well and were removed. A number of weapons have gone that had very similar actions or properties - our aim wasn't to achieve a really high weapons count just for the sake of it, we wanted weapons that worked well and were better balanced.
The following weapons went in and were working but have since been removed (and no, they can't simply be switched back on due to us freeing memory & resources up on the console versions!)
  • Flamethrower (Just didn't work well - 3D flames are tricky to pull off and just don't look great in a cartoon environment)
  • Ming Vase (With Cows, Sheep, Bananas, Dynamite, HHG and something else, there was little room for it and we felt it was a bit tired)
  • Super Banana Bomb (As above)
  • Minigun (With shotgun and uzi, it was duplicating)
  • Dragonball (Looked a little weak and wasn't as effective in 3d, but Shotgun, Dragonpunch, Prod and Baseball Bat are available)
  • Mailstrike (Been replaced)
  • Skunk (Been replaced)
  • Longbow (Couldn't offer the same functionality in 3D - arrows couldn't be used as 'ladders' due to the scale issue. It was also difficult to precision aim an arrow in 3D)
Worms 3D is not the 2D game in its entirety transferred to 3D. In the process of remaking and re-energising the game many of the weapons have been expanded, enhanced and vitalised by the move. The rope's importance is lesser in the 3D game, but it's still useful for getting about, particularly if you have no Jetpac or Teleport. In addition, the back/fore flip jump lets you get around pretty well, fairly quickly and pretty intuitively. The Shotgun has some aiming 'wobble' that settles down after a period. We added this because it was too easy to use over long-distance. You also get less of them in the game because they are quite powerful. As mentioned above, we're still working hard on trying to make the game well balanced and not too reliant on particular weapons.
Demo Update Due to requests to get the demo size down, the frontend has gone and so has the tutorial. So now it's a 2 player deathmatch with a limited weapons set. But it's just a demo, right?
Unfortunately, we have too much work on to just keep churning out different demos (like finish the game itself!) so plans for an enhanced demo including the removed frontend/tutorial have had to be shelved. Every time we produce a demo it has to be robustly tested here, at Sega (and 3rd party publishers) considered for CD, considered for download size, all kinds of stuff.
BTW Even cut down, the demo is about 50mb (which will frighten off dial-ups we imagine!) and the full game is over 1Gb of data now (as we mentioned last week).

[ home | news | 28th August 03 ]
London Games Week Currently halfway through, LGW is a massive consumer and trade initiative designed to raise the profile of the interactive industry within the media, and the public at large.
Running from Monday 25th August through until Sunday 31st August, at the heart of the event are ECTS, the Game Developers Conference Europe and the PlayStation Experience. Worms 3D will be making available at a number of the planned events, details below.
[ London Games Week ]
ECTS With Sega's ECTS booth dealing with the launch of its new product acquisition strategy (ECTS is trade only), its most recent European acquisitions (including W3D) will be on show in the PlayStation Experience (see below). Fear not though, we are still making an appearance at ECTS!
Take a visit to Nvidia's booth to discover a demo version of W3D! Graphics card giant Nvidia is showcasing a number of major PC titles alongside its new hardware at the show, as part of its 'The Way Its Meant To Be Played' campaign. The Nvidia demo features only two teams of worms and a single map, but there are plenty of different weapons available, and the island level to battle on has plenty of variety in terms of both objects and altitude.
[ ects2003 ]
Our main appearence is at the PlayStation Experience 2003, 28th-31st August, hosted by Sony. An enticing combination of exclusive gameplay and entertainment areas include a star studded musical line-up as well as a heady mix of celebrities from the world of film, sports and gaming.
Tickets are available to everyone, priced £8 on the door and £5 in advance from the PlayStation Experience website. W3D is in the Cartoon section, where you can apparently "shake off the adults (and) act your shoe size, not your age!
[ PlayStation Experience ]

[ home | news | 22nd August 03 ]
Sorry there are no updates for the site this week, expect some soon though as we have been working on the following sections...
Weapons guide Over the past week a weapons guide has been developed for the goodies section of the website. The weapons panel has been broken down into sections, with a section appearing in each planned successive update.
These sections will include a description about each weapon, how and when to use it and a picture of it in action! Unfortunately, it is just a little too early to reveal some of the details, so the release has been postponed.
Not all weapons are detailed at the start, and will be revealed at a later date as they are still top secret!
Players Guide We are currently working on a players guide for the goodies section. The players guide includes a full run-down and information about the HUD as well as info on the camera, with screenshots of the different camera modes the game offers.
The HUD display is unique to Worms 3D and we'll be running through its design and features; you will be able to zoom in on each part giving you a closer look and further information!
We are working on a series of screenshots (one for each camera angle), giving information about how each camera angle works and how to gain full advantage from using them.
Webkit We have frequently been asked to provide hi-res artwork for fans wanting to produce unique artwork, wallpaper and fan websites from our official designs.
As most of the images/graphics on the website are optimised for on-line, the quality is a little low for reproduction for new, custom work and sites. Hence, we have decided to produce a Webkit! Containing layered versions of our artwork and designs, website creation tools and official website content (plus some extra surprises) the Webkit is the essential tool for all those wanting to produce W3D fansites or create wallpaper!
Stay tuned for more info about the Webkit - to be revealed next month.
Fan Art Over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at and selecting your Fan Art for the August section. So far there have been some very good entries from a wide range of people!
We will try to put as many up on the site as possible, so keep them coming!
As mentioned in the announcements section of the forum, we are looking at options to trim the back-up size of the forum DB. It looks like attachments over a certain date will be going, so if you have any important artwork that is stored in our attachment DB (attachments to posts) that you wish to save, contact us now, before its too late!
Spot the
deliberate mistake!
An eagle-eyed and very informative member of QA, Brian Fitzpatrick (pictured right) has pointed out our very silly error.
As we reported about W3D last week "The game on PC is now over 1Gb, and that means 2 CD's - our first ever 2 CD game!".
That info, is quite obviously, a load of old rubbish. Hands up those that remember Nightlong - Union City Conspiracy which was released on 3 CD's, and more recently Phoenix - Deep Space Resurrection which was release on 2 CD's.
Worms 3D for PC IS now over 1Gb, and that DOES mean 2 CD's - however, as for being our first ever 2 CD game - well, we were wrong, we're sorry and we apologise for any inconvenience caused ;)

[ home | news | 15th August 03 ]
dev diaries We hope to get back to writing diaries soon but things have just been so hectic we haven't got around to it. The game beta is obviously taking priority at the moment - and rightly so ;)
Instead, here are all the news snippets that we could lay our hands on!
video footage Big news A 2MB in-game video clip will be available for download today!
As you may know, we did do a video a month or so back for release, however that looks kinda out of date now. Since then, we have new footage from the latest build (almost beta and is really, really showing promise!) It's only fair to give you an impression of the game as-is rather than as-was :)
The new footage submitted to Sega for approval was 3 minutes of raw, un-edited gameplay in 640x480 resolution. The .wmv file as a result was 46MB! The video has been approved, although it's been edited down to 20MB (and down to 1min30 in length) but it's still good to see how the game looks and plays. And yes, the video shows the deformable landscape - you'll see holes left in the land afterwards - although we're not quite sure what the big hoo-ha there is with that... you shoot land, a hole/crater appears ;)
This 20MB footage has been split into 5 clips - clip 1 will be available from our FTP site and the other clips have been released to the games press. We'll link to the other clips as soon as they are available.
We'll also do some footage of the front-end for a later release. Its as slick as a very slick thing indeed... We'll just wait to see when we can put that live since it's all got to fit in with Sega's materials plans.
game update We're due to beta anytime in the next week or so. That means a long August testing the console versions and hopefully getting those approved during September. We've also got a few bits and pieces to sort for the PC - most notably on-line, but we should be ok for an October release!
The game on PC is now over 1Gb, and that means 2 CD's - our first ever 2 CD game! It's this size mainly due to all the audio (voice banks and ambience tracks - there are many!) As for compression - the audio will already be compressed, as will all other data, video, textures and so on. If by some fluke we manage to squeeze it onto 1 CD (which is very unlikely) then our publishers will most likely be happy about that :0 Having 2 CD's shouldn't really effect the price and being on 2 CD's doesn't automatically make it a great game either - but we're working on that bit! The GC version will fit on a single GC disk (it has over 1GB capacity, unlike standard CDRom).
The game also features a special title track provided by a popular new music group! Big time, eh? More about this will be revealed soon. The Worm-song is in there too, somewhere or other.
We're actually creating the box cover artwork at the moment after a few weeks of concepts (which will be revealed in good time). Back-of-box text blurb is yet to be finalised but mostly sorted except the minimum machine specs. All versions will appear in a DVD case - as was decided the industry-standard practice about 2 years ago!
demo update The PC demo will definately be out prior to release, we've got an exclusive demo with a major UK magazine and also across Europe. A 2nd downloadable only demo will be out shortly after, or on the day of release of that mag. We're also hoping that we'll have time to release an on-line demo too, certainly a number of weeks before the game goes live.
We'll try and keep the size down, certainly under 100mb if we can but that will mean audio-visual restrictions (it's a 2xCD game).
focus test group We're doing a few more isolated focus tests this week with people coming in and spending a few hours playing the game with our design team. I guess you'll see a few posts from guys who've played the game on our forum! We'll try and get the forum usernames of those that took part - but no pestering them with questions - they'll have signed a non-disclosure agreement!

[ home | news | 18th July 03 ]
Worms 3D Forum
International Lounge!
With the influx of foreign press links (kindly supplied by Sega Europe) and with Worms have such international appeal, we felt the need to add a section for the non-english speaking Worms fans!
So now we are giving everyone a chance to chat about Worms 3D - in the brand new International lounge.
Very soon, we will be implementing country flags too, so each thread will be represented with your appropriate flag.
This new forum section is open now for all foreign language posts!
We will also be requiring new moderators for the International lounge, so any of those multi-lingual forum users who would be interested then feel free to contact us!
Worms 3D Forum link [ International Lounge ]
foreign press link [ Latest press links ]
e-mail link [ contact webmaster ]

[ home | news | 27th June 03 11:53 ]
Sega W3D
video teaser!
Eurogamer.net show Sega's Worms 3D video teaser
Sega has this morning Friday 27th June released a video teaser for Worms 3D!
The 9MB trailer (available from EG - below) includes one of those amusing little Wormy CG efforts for which the series is famed, and gives you a good idea of what to expect from the final game.
Having seen it in action at E3 this year, Eurogamer's opinion is that it looks, sounds and plays like Worms. Just in 3D. Praise indeed.
Eurogamer link [ Eurogamer.net website ]
forum link [ discuss this news story here ]

[ home | news | 27th June 03 10:46 ]
C&VG.com cover story - THE WORMS THAT TURNED
ComputerandVideoGames.com show their exclusive shots of never-before-seen areas
Click the link below for C&VG's new exclusive Worms 3D update. Online since 17:38 Thursday 26th June 2003, the story reveals never-before-seen areas in their 20 exclusive screenshots.
Our very own Martyn Brown 'tempted by the offer of a pint' takes C&VG through the glorious 3D rebirth of our classic turn-based title.
Stay tuned to C&VG for more exclusive W3D stuff, with a 'full, revealing' interview with MB next week!
C&VG link [ C&VG website ]
forum link [ discuss this news story here ]

[ home | news | 12th May 03 ]
E3 Worms 3D @ E3!
SEGA Announces stellar video game lineup to be featured at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2003
SAN FRANCISCO - April 28, 2003 - Illustrating its power as an independent content publisher, SEGA today announced its lineup of entertainment and sports games to be featured at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2003.
Mark your calendar for May 14th-16th, 2003, as the industry converges on Los Angeles. E3 2003 will once again be the ultimate gathering for the interactive entertainment industry. SEGA's E3 2003 lineup features a bold and diverse array of titles across all platforms, with a thrilling blend of action, adventure and platform games.
Worms 3D will be there, and a full E3 report will appear after the show in a dev diary update! As E3 is a trade event, only qualified industry professionals may attend and no one under 18 will be admitted.
See Worms 3D at 2216 West Hall, between 14-16th May 2003.
link [ E3 expo website ]

[ home | news | 25th April 03 ]
SEGA SEGA Europe Ltd Announces Worms 3D
First 3D Version of Popular Turn-based Strategy Game Comes to Latest-Generation Consoles & PC
LONDON, UK - April 25, 2003 - SEGA Europe Ltd, today announced an agreement with Team17 Software Ltd, granting SEGA Europe rights to publish 'Worms 3D' on GameCube, PlayStation2, Xbox and PC. Worms 3D is the first 3D incarnation of the highly acclaimed and best-selling Worms franchise, and this latest version marks the first time a core Worms game will appear on the latest generation consoles.
The Worms 3D site has undergone a few changes as a result too! The new Worms 3D logo has made its 1st appearance and an all new splash screen has been created. The url now being used is www.Worms3D.com. www.worms3.com still remains. Watch out for big site changes in the coming months as Worms 3D nears release!
link [ full SEGA press release ]
link [ new splash screen ]

[ home | news | 2nd December 02 ]
Christmas First Worms 3D screenshot!
Details of the Team17/Worms 3D Advent Calendar and daily prize giveaways in the run-up to Christmas!
Tune in daily to the Team17 homepage in our run-up to Christmas. Each day, a square of the Wormy festive scene will disappear, revealing the very first Worms 3D screenshot!. Obviously, you'll have to be patient, and wait till the 25th December before you are treated to the whole image!
Also, from the 3rd-20th we will be running a forum competition each weekday! Tune into each daily competition thread - be the first to answer the question correctly and win the prize for that day! We have loads of great stuff to giveaway, CD's, posters, t-shirts and a Gamecube Saitek Steering Wheel and Controller!
Tune in daily for our fantastic Worms 3D screenshot unveiling and prize competition!!
Team17 wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year
link [ Team17 Advent Calendar ]
link [ Christmas Competition Forum ]

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